Some information that you are interested in knowing

¿Are tours private or shared with other people?

All tours are private; the boats can accommodate up to 8 and 12 passengers.

It is possible that you share the boat with other people on transfer tours.

¿What if the weather conditions are not suitable for the tour?

If the weather is bad (very cold, rain or wind of more than 40 km/h) the trip can be rescheduled, if that is not possible you will get a full refund.

¿Are the trips safe for everybody?

Yes, the boat is safe for everybody including children and babies.

¿Is the boat shaded?

Yes, the boats have a canopy to provide shade.

¿Are lifejackets provided?

Yes, all passengers have their lifejackets, babies and children included.

¿Can we combine fishing and sightseeing trips?

The tours are customized so any combination is possible.

¿What do you recommend to bring with us?

Swimwear, soft shoes or flip flops, comfortable walking shoes, towels, sun screen, sunglasses, hats, warm jackets.

¿Do babies and children count in the total capacity of the boat??

Coast guard regulations establish that the total capacity of the boat is determined by all people no matter their age.

¿Do children pay the same rates as adults?

Yes, children need more attention and care than adults on the boat.

¿Can we take longer or shorter walks or sail more or less time?

Yes, as tours are customized preferences can be agreed upon before or during the cruise.

¿Can we have a barbecue for lunch?

Yes, it is not included in the tour rates, please ask us about different lunch options.

¿Can we bring our own picnic with us?

Yes, we provide cooler and table.

Licensed and inspected by the Argentine Coast Guard, National Park Administration and Professional Fishing Guide Association.